Backcountry Rustler Gore-Tex Stretch Jacket - Men's

Backcountry Rustler Gore-Tex Stretch Jacket - Men's

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h4{font-weight: normal;}Why We Like ItWhen we created the Rustler Gore-Tex Stretch Jacket, we decided to reach for nothing short of a pinnacle piece for all-weather protection. Lightweight and high-performing, with articulated sleeve patterning and a stretchy construction, every slash of powder is effortless, the pole-planting feels second nature, and we have plenty of mobility for ripping skins and adjusting bindings. And because some days are backcountry days, we graced the Rustler with a chest pocket large enough for a radio, and a unique design that includes a secondary zip at the neck for hood expansion and additional venting. We even threw in this killer detail--an insulated pocket to protect the battery life in our phone, because nothing makes a ski day better like easy listening on the way down.Product Features ConstructionBenchmark for waterproof, breathable performanceGore-Tex is a synthetic laminate that features thousands of tiny holes small enough to prevent water droplets from penetrating but large enough to allow water vapor to escape. This combination prevents snow and rain from reaching layers while still allowing hot air and water vapor to escape, managing moisture from external and internal sources.Low-weight breathability for chasing goals3-layer construction is more breathable, more packable, more durable, and lighter than its 2-layer counterpart, so it thrives during strenuous efforts in the worst weather. This construction features a technical laminate attached directly to a face fabric and a backer. Though it's called 3-layer, the design works more like a single layer that seals out the weather while releasing excess heat and moisture. In this process, the face and backer provide protection while the laminate does the heavy lifting of sealing out water and releasing moisture.Keeps even the sneakiest moisture at bayEven the highest-rated membranes won't do a whole lot of good if the seams between aren't defended. We fully seal ...

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