Backcountry Access Tracker S Rescue Package

Backcountry Access Tracker S Rescue Package

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Steps one two and three for beginning to access backcountry terrain are always the same -- shovel, beacon, and probe. Backcountry Access offers the Tracker S Rescue Package as a one-stop-shop for new backcountry users at an entry level price-point to make backcountry touring more accessible. The Tracker S Avalanche Beacon is a slightly stripped down version of BCA's Tracker 3 Transceiver for the backcountry skier on a budget. That's not to say BCA took away any of the beacon's safety features; the Tracker S still boasts an impressive 55 meter search on a reliable triple antenna design. The digital display still gives a directional arrow once a signal is received and distance readout (displayed in meters) so you can quickly find the lowest reading before starting a pin-point search with your probe. The only differences between the Tracker S and the Tracker 3 are the motion-sensing auto revert and ability to upgrade software. The Backcountry Access Stealth 270 Probe features a quick-deploying mechanism to reduce fiddle time during beacon drills and rescue scenarios. BCA's Quick-Lock deployment lets you toss the probe in the air and simultaneously pull a notch to deploy the probe instantaneously, and the deployment tucks inside the first probe section to reduce space. Laser-etched depth markings assist with measuring snowpack depth and locating burial victims. The included shovel doesn't disappoint either, as the extendable Backcountry Access B1 Extendable Shovel has been a staple in the backcountry skiing community for years. The generously sized shovel blade quickly moves large volumes of snow in a rescue scenario without taking up too much room in your pack. Its unbeatable strength-to-weight ratio impresses you when you dig a pit, kicker, or snow cave.

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