Arbor Zygote Twin Snowboard

Arbor Zygote Twin Snowboard

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The Zygote is a non–symmetrical twin – a fusion of true–twin on–snow geometry with a distinct tip and kick-tail that pay homage to 80’s skateboard design. While dissimilar in shape, the tips share identical widths, heights, and lengths for true freestyle performance. SINGLE MALT: Arbor's standard wood core, made from 100% sustainably grown poplar for highly reliable return and long–lasting durability. * non-Symmetrical Twin * The Camber System * Bonehead Tip Profile * Hand Dyed Ash Power Ply * Single Malt Core * Extruded Base * Biax Glassing * 2x4 12-Pack Inserts * 360 Rails * Three Year Warranty * Flex Meter: 4/10 * Artist: C.R. Stecyk III

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