Arbor Element Snowboard

Arbor Element Snowboard

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The Element is the board that launched the brand. Over the years, it has been Arbor's cornerstone, evolving with the times to remain the perfect all-terrain design. The Element is built for super clean, highly reliable performance with a focus on craftmanship. This quintessential board speaks to Arbor's core mission and is sure to remain a classic for years to come. The Element features a higher-end sintered base and Double Barrel I core, Arbor's most versatile poplar core reinforced with two bamboo struts for added longitudinal pop and facilitated turning. An American Black Walnut Power Ply topsheet delivers an elegant range of color and grain patterns making this one of the cleanest and most stylish boards on the mountain. * American Black Walnut Power Ply * Double Barrel I Core LT * Sintered Base * Mixed Glassing * 2x4 14-Pack Inserts * 360º Rails * Knucklehead Tip * Three Year Warranty * The Rocker System * Mountain Twin * Flex Meter: 6/10

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