Anon M3 MFI Goggles

Anon M3 MFI Goggles

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If it's good enough for Eric Pollard and Bode Merrill then sign us up! The Anon M3 MFI Goggles are a perfect example of continued innovation and are jam packed with futuristic tech. From the signature Magnetic Facemask Integration (MFI) to the incredibly quick Magna-Tech(TM) Quick Lens Change Technology, the M3 MFI Goggles utilize cylindrical lenses that offer wall-to-wall vision so you can turn what would otherwise be an exploding tree-crash into a tweaked out tree-tap and ride away like a boss. Pair 'em with the included Anon MFI compatible facemask and allow the Anon M3 MFI Goggles to take your vision to new heights.

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